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Greetings... with 16 years of history in the Community, today a community of communities, promoting the Coaching profession, one of the first two Coaching Communities in Latin America... from which we worked to open international Coaching networks....,

👉🏻 today March 16, it's been 2 years, since the day the Pandemic began in Uruguay and several countries in the region, we began the meetings of

"Together We Are More+® Coaching in Latin America". >🤝➕🌎<

👉🏻The JSM20/21/22/23® AGENDA is a proposal from 2017 and today we support it as it is more valid than ever on issues than any org. cant do on its own... to sustain, legitimize, and expand the profession Together and we understand that only those who support us, register, and participate in one of the 20 country communities agreed with our Agenda JSM* (below) and commit their contribution in time and possible actions.

👉🏻 We have learned a lot, a lot has been created, we have inspired a lot, and we have all done a lot. 16 years of free volunteering, until today, without charging membership or other.

👉🏻 We seek to create a new organizational format since we feel the formats have been overcome by the concerns of the coaches themselves who require something adapted to the world in which we live.

👉🏻 We recognize, we were part of its development and we support the work of the main and genuine al Global coaching Organizations that deal with setting standards and ensuring the ethics of the profession. 

👉🏻We promote all currents of coaching without fundamentalisms because Coaching is Coaching without a last name, opening, founding, and supporting the game to international organizations that are in Latin America today,

👉🏻We work to grow coaching in Uruguay first and Latin America later, with the aim of strengthening and generating better professional job opportunities for all coaches in different ways (eg Find a Coach). We add independent, federated coaches, schools, communities, and associations that wish to advance more effectively.

👉🏻 We contributed to local Coaches and trainers accessing international competitions without exclusion,

👉🏻We promoted Coaches with face-to-face and virtual cycles as an opening of possibilities to make professionals protagonists in society and abroad.

👉🏻We inspired many with ideas and possibilities that were replicated in various ways in the region.

🙏Today only "Thank those who accompanied from the first hour", those who contributed, those who talked, and those who remain silent and curious to see where this imprint is going or simply take advantage of the power of the arrival of JSM for their publications your notices. (we opened an exclusive channel on Facebook for this many years ago)

🤝 The Pandemic these two years and the risk that World Peace runs, must be issues that keep us TOGETHER... to create true strategies for the benefit of strengthening the profession, clarifying, legitimizing, and creating those necessary strategies in each Community country- that cannot be resolved by an individualistic group… to strengthen the work possibilities for ALL.

The world needs Coaches together working for Peace.

 💻On this Channel, there are the Playlists of all the meetings held, ConversAcciones Juntos con VOZ® (2021 edition), and of course all the events since the beginning with all those who accompanied. Thanks. 🌎🤝➕

Agenda Created 2017>

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